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Sealing competence for the pharmaceutical industry

Diagnosis of weak points

Using the latest methods, our experts observe the seal’s behavior while in operation. Leakage detection, thermography, data logging and flow measurements in the buffer liquid or cooling circuit help us uncover weaknesses of a sealing system. 


Failure and damage analyses

By analyzing the recorded data, a team of sealing specialists determines the root of the failure. This allows for the development of reliable long-term solutions that guarantee the performance of seals and machinery in pharmaceutical production lines.

We’ll get to the bottom of it.

You have questions regarding our bad actor program? You have a specific problem or malfunction? We are happy to support you.


Agitator seals in hygienic applications in the pharmaceutical industry

Choosing the right sealing solution for pharmaceutical applications is crucial to reliably prevent product contamination and the release of product substances into the environment. In this white paper, we have assembled valuable tips that will help you select the right agitator seal.