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Seal modernization

Outdated mechanical seals are more susceptible to failures that lead to production downtime. Operators can counteract this by performing a retrofit that either consists of a single measure or the modernization of a multitude of seals. In any case, manufacturers profit from an extended service life and lower maintenance costs, resulting in a higher cost-effectiveness.


Seal standardization

We document and analyze all seals used in a pharmaceutical production facility and develop a potent standardization concept. By reducing the number of employed seal types, sizes and materials, procurement and warehousing are simplified. Simultaneously, the potential for errors during assembly as well as expenditures for maintenance, repair and training are reduced.


Seal modification

Changes in the production process are usually accompanied by new operating parameters and process procedures. The sealing technology must be modified to meet these new requirements. With all their expertise, our engineers achieve a reliable, hygienic und economical sealing solution. 

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Agitator seals in hygienic applications in the pharmaceutical industry

Choosing the right sealing solution for pharmaceutical applications is crucial to reliably prevent product contamination and the release of product substances into the environment. In this white paper, we have assembled valuable tips that will help you select the right agitator seal.