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Repair Class Program

From identifying the need for a repair to execution, return delivery and documentation, there are several steps to the procurement process. The Repair Class Program reduces the process chain to a few individual steps, sets out the scope of the service and what it should cost. This results in time savings, lower transaction costs and a clearly-structured repair process, giving pharmaceutical manufacturers a decisive advantage.


Primary Source Program

The Primary Source Program is a contractually regulated cooperation for services to be agreed upon individually. This allows for planning reliability and long-term orientation. Concrete measures usually involve technical improvements with the aim of extending the MTBF (mean time between failures). In many cases, this program also includes special arrangements regarding inventory management and on-site experts. We would be pleased to present to you the wide range of services and all associated benefits in a personal meeting.


Fixed Fee Program

Similar to the Primary Source Program, the Fixed Fee Program offers individually-agreed services to increase system availability, safety and to extend the MTBF. In addition, the Fixed Fee Program includes special agreements regarding target costs and billing for services.


Individual Program

With the Individual Program, EagleBurgmann offers customers service agreements that can be conveniently integrated into existing service structures. It creates a framework for services based on your customer-specific requirements.

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You would like to know which service agreement suits your needs best? We look forward to supporting you.


Agitator seals in hygienic applications in the pharmaceutical industry

Choosing the right sealing solution for pharmaceutical applications is crucial to reliably prevent product contamination and the release of product substances into the environment. In this white paper, we have assembled valuable tips that will help you select the right agitator seal.